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Media Clients

“Rethinking Research” (January 15, 2007); “Taking Roads Less Traveled” (August 14, 2006); “Linking God and Mammon” (July 10, 2006); “Triple Threat” (April 25, 2005)

Better Investing
“Due Diligence” monthly column, October 2005 – present; “Real Estate Investment Trusts” (January 2006); “Alternative Fuels” (November 2005)

Bloomberg Personal Finance / Bloomberg Wealth Manager
“So Many Questions, So Few Answers” (April 2006): “The Road to Low Taxes” (June 2005); “Riding the Wave” (June 2004); “States of Despair” (June 2003); “Live Free or Move” (May 2001); “Where the Breaks Are” (April 2000); “The Great Divide” (March 1998)

Consumers Digest
“Retirement Income” (July 2000); “Retirement Planning” (May 2000); “Best Funds for 2000” (January 2000); “Building a Financial Nest Egg” (November 1999); “College Planning” (September 1999); “Innovative Tax Strategies” (March 1998); “Sector Funds” (June 1998); “Self-Directed Retirement Plans” (February 1998); “Broker-Sold Funds” (May 1996); “How to Read Fund Documents” (May 1996)

Consumer Reports
“How to Get Even With Your Broker” (October 2005)

Individual Investor
“Risk Matters” (November 1996)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“Historical Perspectives” bi-weekly column that places current events in a historical context (March 1994 – present)

Mutual Funds
“Small-Caps” (June 2002); “Asset Allocation Funds” (February 2002); “Strong Dollar” (January 2002); “Best Funds for Tax Efficiency” (July 2001); “Stocks and the ‘R’ Word” (March 2001); “Great Ideas for 2001” (January 2001); “Julius Baer International Equity” December 2000; “Scudder Dividend and Growth” November 2000; “Quaker Aggressive Growth” (October 2000); “Mercantile International Equity” (October 2000); “Republic Overseas Equity” (October 2000); “Artisan International” (June 2000); “FMI Focus” (April 2000); IPS New Frontier (April 2000); “DEM Equity” (February 2000); “Automatic Investment Plans” (January 2000); “RS Emerging Growth” (December 1999); “Nevis Fund” (November 1999); “Royce Low Priced Stock” (October 1999); “Calamos Convertible Fund” (July 1999); “Eastcliff Total Return” (June 1999); “Bond Fund Primer” March 1999; “PIMCO Innovation” (March 1999); “Berkshire Capital” March 1999; “Leuthold Core” (March 1999); “Price Dividend Growth (December 1998); “Legg Mason Focus Trust” (October 1998); “MFS Research” October 1998; “Keeley Small-Cap Value” (September 1998); “Death Benefit Funds” (August 1998); “Net Fund” (June 1998); “Alliance Premiere Growth” (June 1998); “Artisan Small-Cap Value” (March 1998); “FMI Focus” (March 1998); “Morgan FunShares” (December 1997); “Discount Brokers” (November 1997); “Quantitative Funds” (October 1997); “Small-Cap Funds” (September 1997); “Stratton Small-Cap Yield” (September 1997); “Socially Responsible Investing” (August 1997); “Enhanced Index Funds” (February 1997); “Economies of the Pacific Rim” (November 1996)

“Looking for Lasting Profits in IPOs” (September 1996)

Your Money
“Best Funds” (May 2001); “Foreign Value Funds” (February 2001); “The 2000 Election and Financial Markets” (January 2001); “Profit Plays for 2001” (January 2001); “The Perfect Plan” (September 2000); (Stocks vs. Funds” (September 2000); “Lifestyle Funds” (July 2000); “Two Checks a Month” (November 2000); “Funds To Buy Now” (June 2000); “Emerging Markets” (November 1999); “Mutual Fund All-Stars” (November 1999); “Double Your Money” (July 1999); “Fifteen Doublers” (June 1999); “Where to Invest $10,000” (March 1999); “Bond Funds” (December 1998); “Growth Funds for Income Investors” (October 1998); “Pumping Up Return” (August 1998); “Today’s Best Funds” (June 2000); “Global Investing” (April 1998); “Best Funds for IRAs” (January 1998); “Tax Strategies” (January 1998); “Profit With the Insiders” (July 1997); “Best Funds To Meet Financial Goals” (April 1997); “Funds for a Changing Economy” (March 1997); “Building a Mutual Fund Portfolio” (December 1996)

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Corporate Clients

Robert W. Baird & Co.: Whitepapers

Brandes Investment Partners: Copyediting and proofreading

Citizens Funds: Shareholder letters and press releases

Delaware Funds: Portfolio manager reports

Edelman Public Relations: Fund fact sheets and press releases

Federated Investors: 10,000-word quarterly market commentaries, portfolio manager Q &A’s, economic reports, money-market newsletter, PowerPoint script, speech writing

First American Funds: Shareholder reports

Freemont Funds: Prospectus wrapper and press release for new fund launch

Hartford Investment Management: Monthly fixed-income report for institutional clients

HNW: Investment and personal-finance articles for numerous clients, including Merrill Lynch, Lincoln Financial Group, LaSalle Investment Management, and CIBC

ING Funds: Whitepaper

MFS Mutual Funds: Shareholder reports

Neuberger Berman Funds: President’s Letter

Northern Trust: Articles, fund profiles, and promotional inserts for monthly shareholder publication; shareholder reports and letter from chief investment officer

Pioneer Funds: PowerPoint script; portfolio manager Q & A’s

Red Granite Advisors: Whitepapers

Thrivent Financial: Shareholder reports

USAA Financial Services: Marketing brochures and educational articles

USAA Savings Bank: Educational articles for newsletter

Van Kampen Investments: Shareholder reports and letters from chief investment officers

Vanguard Mutual Funds: Educational material; shareholder newsletter

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